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A message from our founders

Hello friends,


I created this guild alongside Icemeats to provide a fun, team-oriented environment where members could work towards common goals as a group. RO has always been about community and we find time and again that this is what drives the nostalgia in playing this beloved game. I want each member to feel recognized and included in whatever way serves them best. To accomplish this, we originally created a simple points system that measures key guild activities that are social and group-oriented in nature. We have since dissolved this points program to accommodate  a more relaxed, open concept. We have a "hands-off" approach when it comes to telling members what to do. Instead, you are in control of your guild experience which means your participation in the guild shapes your level of access.


Over the years, one of the biggest challenges for any guild leader is creating an environment that supports the member experience in a fair and equitable manner. Guilds that don't address this often end up with fractured teams and unsolvable favoritism. Private, low-rate RO servers are rare and often riddled with the same player motivation and low-population issues. Therefore, we continuously adjust our guild rules and priorities to the evolving needs of the guild and the overall climate of the server.

icemeatsoren (1).png

As the founding Guild Leader, I want to thank all of our current, past, and future members for creating a great place to be in.  We wouldn't be here without your unique contributions. My number one responsibility is to serve our members in whatever ways I can reasonably provide. We are both always open to receiving constructive feedback to improve the guild member experience. 

We humbly accept that our guild is not for everyone. We encourage and require all prospective and existing members to abide by our Values Statement which serves as commitment to each other and the greater RO community.At the end of the day, we all just want to have a good time. Stay for a minute or stay for a while, no hard feelings here.






Our camaraderie is strong because we are committed to each other. We ask that you only request what you are willing to reciprocate for others. Ideally, you give before you receive and in a non-transactional nature.


To create a team of players who bond and grow together over their common interests and love of RO. 

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