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Member Benefits

We'd love to tell you that LFP will magically boost your characters to level 99, provide access to elite MVP loot, and giveaway rare items on a regular basis but that is just simply not what we offer...


Although we do certainly provide perks and favors to our members, over the years we've come to understand that the greatest reward or "benefit" our group provides is a sense of belonging. A place where you feel comfortable to be yourself so long as you respect those around you. It's a place where you can share your RO story, celebrate your progress and have a good time.

Although we started off as a casual pvm-style guild, over time we needed tangible reasons/goals to work towards as a team in order deepen our connection to each other. In game content such as Endless Tower and War of Emperium provided the crew with motivating reasons to work together. Eventually, we committed ourselves to become a WoE guild as it truly challenged us to be intentional, purpose-driven, and committed to each other. 

We are not perfect and we don't always get it right but we do our very best to create this so you have a reason and motivation to log in and play. Please understand that building community/friendship takes time and it's a two-way street. 

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