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Join LFP Today

As a potential New Member we want to make sure this guild is a great fit for both you and everyone already in it. We've created tiered roles that unlock based on your overall participation and contribution to the guild. Below is a general overview of what they are.

There are other roles specific to key guild functions that are unlocked on a case-by-case basis including WoE, Brewing, MVP channels, etc.

If you would like to join LFP to participate in War of Emperium then please review our Open Opportunities page.

Membership Roles


Not a member.

Looking for Party

Access to our party channels. Not a member.


All of the introductory access channels plus expanded member content and benefits. 

New Member Overview

In order to provide a great member experience that aligns with our guild goals, prospective pvm members who are encouraged to have one of the following builds:

  • Kim Dancer

  • Kim Bard

  • Priest ( No ME or TU builds)

  • GC Crusader (Mobber)

Once you have the New Member Role on both the discord server and on this website. You will have access to the New Member introduction webpage which will guide you through all the onboarding steps.

The New Member role is a perfect opportunity for you to hang out with guild members and enjoy getting to know them either in voice chat or just within the guild discord, it's up to you.

  • This role unlocks many of the day to day channels for guild members.

  • New Members can be upgraded to the official guild member role at leadership discretion. This process may take several months+ please speak up about your intentions/needs if unclear.


If you have questions about any of this feel free to reach out to anyone with the Leadership role via Discord. 

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