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Values and Community Guidelines

We have worked hard to create a great community of friends who play respectfully. All guests, prospective and existing members are required to uphold these rules and guidelines on our website, discord, and in-game. Guests who are unable or unwilling to uphold these values will have their access removed.  

We value integrity and a positive attitude above all else.

Out of respect for the WoE environment and to avoid a conflict of interest, you cannot join LFP and be a member of another WoE-declared guild. This includes the desire to be a PVM-only player in LFP or in another woe guild. You can be in other guilds who are strictly PVM or social.

Core Values

  • Having fun as a team will always be the preferred playstyle. 

  • Be excellent to each other and to anyone you meet in RagnaGoats. Be the player you want to bump into on your RO adventure.

  • You do not have to be everyone's best friend or seek the approval of everyone else but you are required to be respectful and civil.

  • Be yourself and respect those who view/experience the world differently.  

  • Be honest about your intentions and respect others' personal boundaries. ASK, if you don't know.

  • Transparency. Leadership will do every possible effort to be as clear, honest and open about intentions and decisions made. 

  • Do not compromise yourself for this game. Your health, sleep, work, irl friends/relationships are more important than this game. Avoid burn out. Ragnarok is a marathon not a sprint. 


Guild Standards
Code of Conduct

  • Follow the RagnaGoats Discord server rules and in-game rules.

  • The manipulation of conflict to create a toxic narrative against a particular individual or group of individuals either within or outside the guild is not tolerated.

  • Use sound judgement when upholding the guild and general community rules. Don't maliciously look for loopholes for the sake of personal gain.

  • Do not bait, troll, incite or otherwise post questionably salty comments in the Ragnagoats discord especially the woe-discussion channel. Remember, everything you do and say in-game and in the Ragnagoats Discord server reflects on our ENTIRE guild.

  • Anything related to WoE strategy including but not limited to rosters, the vault, points balances, gear progression charts, etc. should never be discussed with anyone that doesn't share access to that information. This includes other LFP members who don't have those roles.

  • If you have a conflict with another guild member, be an adult and have a private, respectful and resolution-focused conversation.  If an understanding can't be reached through those means then Direct Message a member of Leadership for assistance. Malicious or otherwise intentionally toxic drama and passive aggressiveness of any kind will not be tolerated. 

  • For safety and privacy reasons, this guild is for players ages 18+. 

Streaming and Voice Channel Best Practices

  • If you have a particular sensitivity (family/work/minors/children) nearby please let the voice channel know so we can be aware of what is being spoken.

  • Voice Chat/Audio should always be set to OFF. You are welcome to play in game music/sound effects or other music channels but NEVER actual voice commentary happening from other members. You can stream yourself talking of course, but not others.

  • For privacy and security, please give us a heads up if you are going to stream something during a guild party.

  • WoE should never be streamed live. Enable a 5+ minute delay and NEVER with voice audio from any members. 

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